How to make Homemade chocolates

Homemade Chocolates


  • Cocoa butter 200g / Coconut oil 200g
  • Milk powder 50g
  • Cocoa powder 60g
  • Sugar 200g


  1. First take the cocoa butter or Coconut oil (200g)  in a bowl and melt the cocoa butter or Coconut oil or Ghee by using double boiler method and keep aside.
  2. Then start adding the dry ingredients like milk powder (50g), cocoa powder (60g), and sugar (200g) in a melted cocoa butter.
  3. Mix well to see the flowing consistency of chocolate liquor.
  4. The Homemade chocolates needs two most important steps they are (1) Conching  and (2) Tempering
  5. First important step is CONCHING (Conching is a technique in which this process brings the chocolate liquor to a shiny, creamy, smooth, thick and silky texture) For this process since it seems to be an homemade chocolate we need an home equipment to conch the chocolate liquor, that is  Grinding machine i.e., Grinder.
  6. Yes ,Grinder is used to conch the chocolate liquor ,for that pour the chocolate liquor in a grinder and allow it to move in circular motion for about 4 to 5 hours to get an silky smooth texture.
  7. After the conching process, the shiny thick chocolate moves to a      next step called Tempering (Tempering is a process which improves the hardnesss, consistency and durability of the chocolate by the heating and cooling process).
  8. Before going to tempering process, place a Greaseproof paper like butter paper, parchment paper,etc.., in a table, then pour the conched shiny thick chocolate in a table where greaseproof paper is placed, then use Stainless steel scraper to temper the chocolate ,just spread the chocolate left to right and right to left using the stainless steel scraper for 3 to 4 minutes. This tempering results in a crispy snap while the chocolate breaks.
  9. Then the chocolate is poured in an desired moulds and allowed to set in a fridge for 5 to 6 hours.
  10. Your delicious homemade chocolate is ready now .

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