Birthday is one of the special days in our life. Birthdays always make us to feel great and fill us with excitation and expectations even though we celebrate our birthday every year.

Celebrating our birthday in school with our friends makes it even more joyful. Birthday celebrations in schools are golden days no one wishes to miss that kind of golden days in their life span. Always we wish to celebrate our birthday with a new dress, birthday cakes and of course chocolates. Chocolates play a vital role in our birthday. Chocolate is a magical word which brings a smile in all our faces.  Chocolates are a wonderful source of happiness on our birthday. Choosing chocolates for birthdays is quite a difficult task for kids but with cheerful thoughts.

Our motif sentence Anything is good if it’s made of chocolates  thus celebrating your birthday with chocolates will make your upcoming as good and better. Always chocolates create a bonding and brings you lots of fun and love and makes everything sweet and special and you deserve it.

You Know Almonds!

The term “almonds” derived from the old French language allemande. The almonds originated in China and central Asia but the exact is unknown.  In olden days almonds are used as a nutritious diet routine .The recommended amount of almonds to consume daily is 8-10 almonds either as blanched almonds or roasted almonds and may also be taken as raw almonds.

Health benefits of almonds are it contains a healthy amount of fats, vitamin E, fiber, protein and magnesium. Almonds are rich in fat known as mono unsaturated fat which reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, and contains anti-cancer supplements. Due to the presents of many minerals it helps you to be active and speedy with long lasting energy.